Eddie Henderson

Western Washington Surf ELITE Director

Erin Vaughan

Western Washington Surf Assistant Elite Director

The Western Washington Surf Elite soccer program spans a full year, providing a structured blend of training and competition. Designed for comprehensive long-term development, our Elite program encompasses summer, fall and spring seasons. The Elite program immerses players in high-level club league competitions and tournaments, emphasizing growth across technical, tactical, and personal aspects.

Aligned with our Western Washington Surf development strategy and the philosophy of Play-Develop-Thrive, the Elite program merges expert coaching with an annual competition calendar tailored to individual progress. The Elite program offers a clear pathway to unlock each player’s full potential. Sessions encompass team field activities emphasizing decision-making and tactical proficiency, tailored development plans featuring video analysis and team-building exercises, as well as game scenarios and scrimmages.

Guided by experienced coaches, the Elite program equips players with essential tools to reach their objectives. The focus is on nurturing competitors who embody positive decision-making, accountability, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence. Each athlete gains vital skills like game insight, speed of play, and position-specific mastery.

The Elite program’s engaging environment prepares athletes for the dynamics of higher-level competition, whether in college or beyond. Elite players grasp the significance of teamwork and forge enduring bonds with teammates, coaches, and support staff. Soccer training delves into position-specific expertise, team strategies, foundational tactics, and cultivating quick decision-making and a proactive mindset on the field.

The Western Washington Surf Elite soccer program is an opportunity for athletes to ignite their passion and enhance their skills. Anchored in the Play-Develop-Thrive philosophy, our focus is not solely on winning, but on the process of growth and community that leads to success. We believe that with dedicated effort, the thrill of victory naturally follows. Our Western Washington Surf Elite experienced coaches are here to guide and inspire, creating an environment where every pass, every shot, every goal, and every lesson learned contributes to an unforgettable journey. Hard work is the compass and progress is the true reward.

To learn more about the Western Washington Surf Elite program, please contact the Western Washington Surf Elite Directors.