Uniting for a Cause:
Western WA Surf & Camp Agape Northwest

Our Partnership with Camp Agape Northwest

About Camp Agape Northwest

History: Camp Agape Northwest has been a beacon of hope and support since its inception in 1997. The visionary founders, Father John Bakus and Bishop Anthony of the San Francisco Metropolis, were moved by the compelling need for children with cancer and their families to have a space where they could immerse themselves in a carefree and memory-making experience. This vision gave birth to the idea of Camp Agape, and since then, it has been a source of strength and joy for families facing the challenges of childhood cancer.

Mission: The mission of Camp Agape is simple yet profound: to provide a nurturing and loving camp environment where families affected by childhood cancer can come together, create lasting memories, and find solace in the support of a compassionate community. Through a carefully crafted week-long program, Camp Agape offers not just respite but also a transformative experience that transcends the boundaries of illness, allowing families to focus on healing, laughter, and shared moments of joy.

Our Partnership

Our Commitment: We are proud to be a partner with Camp Agape Northwest, sharing in their vision and commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those affected by childhood cancer. Our collaboration aims to extend the reach of Camp Agape’s mission, ensuring that more families have access to the invaluable resources and experiences offered by this exceptional organization.

How We Contribute: Through our partnership, we actively support Camp Agape Northwest in their endeavors. Whether through financial contributions, volunteering, or other means, we are dedicated to playing a role in helping Camp Agape fulfill its mission. Together, we strive to create a world where every child with cancer and their family can find comfort, joy, and strength in the midst of their journey.

Join us in supporting Camp Agape Northwest and be a part of a community that believes in the healing power of love, compassion, and shared experiences. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those facing the challenges of childhood cancer.

How You Can Help:

We, Western WA Surf, believe in the power of community and the positive impact we can make when we come together. Our partnership with Camp Agape Northwest provides an opportunity for you, our valued members, to be a part of something truly meaningful. Here are several ways you can contribute and make a difference in the lives of children with cancer and their families:

Ways to Contribute:
  1. Donate:
    • Consider making a financial contribution to Camp Agape Northwest. Your donation directly supports the camp’s mission, providing families facing childhood cancer with an uplifting experience. Every contribution, no matter the amount, plays a crucial role in creating moments of joy for these families.
    • Visit: https://www.campagapenw.org/donate.
  2. Volunteer:
    • If you have the time and energy to spare, consider volunteering your time at Camp Agape Northwest. Your hands-on involvement can have a direct and positive impact on the campers and their families. Whether assisting with activities, offering emotional support, or helping behind the scenes, your presence can make a lasting difference.
    • Visit: https://www.campagapenw.org/volunteer.
  3. Fundraising Events:
    • Lace up your running shoes and join us Sunday May 19th at Magnuson Park for the first-ever Run For Agape 5k. This Run/Walk is designed to be family friendly – we can’t wait to see you there!
    • Visit: https://www.campagapenw.org/run-for-agape-5k