We’re dedicated to empowering girls through top-tier training, development, and coaching in our programs. With location-based teams, Elite programs, and dynamic clinics and camps, every girl can thrive in a competitive and enjoyable environment within Surf. Exciting news: We’re proud to join the Development Player League (DPL), whose mission is to develop and empower female players in a purposeful way.

In her capacity as Girls Director, Erin Vaughan assumes a leadership role, bringing her extensive years of coaching experience to oversee and guide our girls’ programs. Her role is instrumental in ensuring that our players receive not only the highest level of coaching but also the unwavering support needed to thrive in their soccer journey.

Erin holds a USSF B license, a testament to her unwavering commitment to the highest coaching standards. Her global perspective is further emphasized by her UEFA Level 2 certification. Erin’s dedication to continuous improvement shines through her completion of certifications in SAQ Level 1 and UEFA Youth Model 1.

Player Development

At Western Washington Surf, we offer a tiered approach to our team structure ensuring that players of all experience and commitment levels can participate and thrive in our club. Learn more about our player pathways below.

Expert Coaching

Our team of coaches have the experience and expertise to lead your players throughout their soccer journey. We are committed to leading players, teams and families with passionate, caring coaches.

Programs & Clinics

Surf Soccer girls team

Surf provides opportunities for extra practice in our camps and clinics. We have Girls Only clinics going throughout the season in which players can work with girls of different ages to improve their skills.

Developmental Player League

We are thrilled to participate in the Development Player League (DPL). The DPL is a national league built to give female players the opportunity to showcase their talent through top level competition and events around the country. This achievement highlights our dedication to excellence and passion for player development. Get ready to witness our club soar to new heights as we embrace the challenges and opportunities ahead!

You can learn more about the Development Player League by visiting their website, DPLeague.org.