Premier Player Pathway

At Western Washington Surf, we offer a tiered approach to our team structure ensuring that players of all experience and commitment levels can participate and thrive in our club.

There are 3 tiers to our Premier Player Pathway;

2019 - 2017 Teams

The first step in our premier player pathway, focusing on the basic fundamentals of soccer in a fun and encouraging environment. These teams nurture young athletes, instilling a love for the game, developing essential skills, and promoting teamwork.

2016-2013 Teams

Starting at U9, Premier Development teams prioritize player growth as they foster skills and sportsmanship through competitive play against top clubs in the region.

2012-2006 Teams

Our Premier teams, spanning birth years 2012-2006, offer a highly competitive environment in your local area. These teams provide advanced training and development opportunities, fostering growth and excellence in every player.

2017-2006 Teams

We offer a comprehensive player pathway that caters to all levels of soccer development. If you’re interested in our top-tier training and competition, learn more about our Elite Program here.