A Standout Addition to Our Western WA Surf Staff:
Erin Vaughan
Western WA Surf SC Girls Director


  • USSF B
  • USSF C
  • UEFA Level 2
  • SAQ Level 1
  • UEFA Youth Model 1

Erin Vaughan

We’re thrilled to introduce Erin Vaughan, our Western WA Surf Girls Director, who brings an extraordinary 21 years of coaching experience to her pivotal role. Erin’s wealth of knowledge and expertise makes her an invaluable addition to our organization.


Erin holds a USSF B license, a testament to her unwavering commitment to the highest coaching standards. Her global perspective is further emphasized by her UEFA Level 2 certification. Erin’s dedication to continuous improvement shines through her completion of certifications in SAQ Level 1 and UEFA Youth Model 1.

Role and Responsibilities:

In her capacity as Girls Director, Erin Vaughan assumes a leadership role, bringing her extensive years of coaching experience to oversee and guide our girls’ programs. Her role is instrumental in ensuring that our players receive not only the highest level of coaching but also the unwavering support needed to thrive in their soccer journey.

Impact and Expectations:

Erin’s unparalleled expertise and passion for the game position her as a substantial asset to our organization. With confidence, we anticipate that under her leadership, our girls’ teams will ascend to new heights of success.


We proudly welcome Erin Vaughan, a coach with years of unmatched experience, to elevate our Western WA Surf girls’ programs. Together, we’re gearing up for an extraordinary season filled with passion, growth, and unparalleled success. Join us in celebrating Erin’s arrival!