A Standout Addition to Our Elite Staff:
Gareth Vaughan
Western WA Surf SC Elite Head Coach


  • USSF A
  • FA LEVEL 2

Gareth Vaughan

We’re thrilled to welcome Gareth Vaughan as our Elite Head Coach, a seasoned professional with an impressive 21 years of coaching experience. Gareth holds the USSF A license, USC Premier and Advanced National Diplomas, as well as an FA Level 2 certification. In addition to his role as Elite Head Coach, Gareth serves as the Location Director, guiding our programs with strategic vision and leadership. With two decades of expertise in the soccer coaching realm, Gareth is poised to elevate our elite teams and lead us to new heights of success.


Gareth Vaughan holds an USSF A license, showcasing his commitment to the highest coaching standards. Additionally, he possesses the prestigious USC Premier and Advanced National Diplomas, underlining his proficiency in advanced coaching methodologies. Gareth further bolsters his credentials with an FA Level 2 certification, reflecting his dedication to international coaching standards.

Role and Responsibilities:

As the Elite Head Coach and Location Director, Gareth Vaughan assumes pivotal roles within our organization. His responsibilities encompass not only leading and overseeing our elite programs, ensuring that our players receive top-notch coaching to nurture their skills and foster a culture of excellence, but also guiding the strategic direction of our programs as the Location Director. Gareth’s dual roles underscore his commitment to shaping a soccer environment that prioritizes skill development, excellence, and strategic growth.

We’re thrilled to welcome Gareth Vaughan to our Western WA Surf Elite program. With his expertise and passion for excellence, Gareth is set to play a key role in driving both growth and success.¬†Join us in extending a warm welcome to Gareth as he becomes an integral part of our team!