Age Groups U8-U10s U11-U12 U13-14 U-15-19
Field Size 7v7 9v9 11v11 11v11
Ball Size 4 4 5 5
Roster Size – All
players can play in
each game
14 MAX 16 MAX 18 MAX 22 MAX
Game Length 25 per half 25 per half 30 per half 30 per half
Minimum Games 3 games 3 games 3 games 3 games

Check In: 

  • ALL Teams – MUST check in online and can be asked to verify passcards/rosters prior to each game
  • Teams are allowed 5 guest players only – Must be on roster – club pass players count as a “guest” player
  • Rosters – You may write in guest players as long as passcard/waiver documentation is provided
  • Roster – the roster being used prior to game must match roster uploaded at check in online
  • Player pass: A player may only play on one team. NO PLAYER can play for two different teams/clubs in the same event.
  • Player verification: the referee may require that both teams provide one copy of your Official roster.
  • Please be sure to have copies of your rosters and passcards with you on hand throughout the event. Referees may check these before a game.
  • If you play with more than the maximum number on a roster without written confirmation from the event committee – the game will become a forfeit.

Reporting Scores: 

Western WA Surf Staff members will report scores when possible. In some situations, score reporting responsibilities will fall to the winning team, or the home team in the event of a draw.

Jersey Change: 

AWAY team changes

Game Ball: 

HOME team provides game ball


All divisions will have finals – with progression into play offs decided by group play.

A point system shall be employed to determine the order of finish in group play, as follows:

  • Six (6) points for a win
  • Three (3) points for a draw
  • One (1) point per goal up to three goals
  • One (1) point for a shutout

The team with the most points in group play will be the winner of the group; the rest of the teams shall finish in the order of most points
*If there are an uneven number of teams in one bracket and a team must play four games, their score will be multiplied by .75.

In the event tie breakers are required they will fall in the following order as applicable:

  1. Head to Head
  2. Goal Difference (4 max, per game)
  3. Goals Against (4 max, per game)
  4. Goals For (4 max, per game)
  5. Most Shutouts
  6. Penalty Shootout

*Depending on timing and teams’ circumstances at the time of the tiebreaker. If penalty kicks are possible and agreed to, they will occur 30 minutes before the semifinal or final that the team would advance to.
If there is a three-way tie, the tiebreakers shall be followed, starting at #2, until one team advances or is eliminated. Then, the tiebreaker will be started again at #1 for the two remaining teams.

Games Requiring a Winner

*Championship Games* – If the score is tied at the end of regulation, a Golden Goal period of two 5-minute halves will ensue. If either team scores in this period, the game is immediately finished. If the teams are still tied at the end of the Golden Goal period, the game will move to kicks from the spot. Substitutions will be allowed in the Golden Goal period. Head Coaches will be given notice 2 minute prior to the end of the Golden Goal period, as substitutions will not be allowed between the end of the Golden Goal period and kicks from the spot.


Qualified officials will officiate each game. All 11v11 games will be officiated by a central referee and 2 assistant referees although the availability of qualified referees might necessitate the use of fewer linesmen on occasions. For 7v7 and 9v9 games you should expect only one official for the match.

Heading Rules

U12 players and younger may NOT head the ball intentionally. If in the opinion of the referee a player heads the ball intentionally, the restart is an indirect free kick for the opposition. U13 players and older may head the ball intentionally. If a player plays “up” an age division, that player will play by the age group rule.


In 7v7 competition, the opposing team must be behind the build-out line for goal kicks.

* The offside rule for 7v7 games:

  • Build out line / Off-side line will be used (equidistant from Penalty Area to Halfway line)

. At 7v7 we want the game focus to be on development and multiple touches with minimal stoppages, rather than coaches and teams focusing on the offside trap.

The keeper cannot dropkick or punt the ball.

9v9 Guidelines

NO Build out line
* The offside rule for 9v9 games:

  • Offsides will be called  (center line used as off-sides line

The keeper can punt the ball.


Substitutions can be made at ANY stoppage with the consent of the official. This includes free-kicks, corners and opposition stoppages such as the other team’s throw-in. Unlimited re-entries are allowed.


In the case of inclement weather every attempt will be made to play all scheduled games in the event. At the sole discretion of the event director/committee, some games may be declared a 0 – 0 tie and not made up. The following priority will be given to making up games:

  1. Teams that have not yet played a game in the event.
  2.  Teams that have only played one game in the event.
  3. Games that will have a material impact on the final standings.
  4. All other games.

The lightning policy for the event is as follows:
At the first visible sign of lightning (regardless of the estimated distance from the field) all play will be stopped, and players and spectators will be asked to move to a safe location. For all games that were in progress the game clock will continue to run. If time runs out and the game was at or past half time when play was stopped, the result at the time of play being stopped will stand. If 5 minutes or less remain in the first half and the score has 2 or more differential the game will be declared final.

If the game has not reached 5 minutes or less before half time every attempt will be made to make up the game at a later date and time. However, this may not be possible and will be based upon field availability.

Play will not resume until 30 minutes after the last visible lightning strike seen (regardless of the estimated distance from the field). When play is resumed, the game, which was scheduled closest to the restart of play, will begin. For example if play is stopped at 2:50 pm and restarted at 5:20 pm, the teams scheduled to play closest to 5:20 pm will play, NOT the teams scheduled to play at 2:50 pm.

In this instance every attempt would be made to make up the 2:50 pm game at a later date and time. When play is stopped, or resumed, due to lightning, it is at the sole discretion of the referees and the event director/committee. Both referees and event officials will enforce strict adherence to the above policy. No appeals will be allowed. Personal safety is the number one concern of the event and it will supersede any game situation.

Team withdrawals
No shows/forfeits: If a team does not show with the minimum number of players or fails to show – this will result in a forfeit of a 0-3 loss that will be recorded. In the case of a team showing up to the wrong field/traffic – a period of 15 minutes will be given to see if the “no show” can get the minimum of 7 players to start the game. After 15 minutes, if a team does not have 7 players, the game will become a forfeit.

If a team is fully responsible for the termination of a game due to poor sportsmanship towards a referee, opposing team/fans then the offending team will be forced to forfeit. The team responsible for the forfeit will incur a 0-3 loss.

If you play with more than the maximum number on a roster without written confirmation from the event committee – the game will become a forfeit. 

Player Safety
The following shall be permitted for player safety:

  • A soft splint or cast shall be allowed per the referee has determined that the cast is not a danger to themselves or other players. 
  • A brace, joint, or prosthetic is allowed per the referee has determined that is not a danger to themselves or other players. 
  • Sport Spectacles/plastic prescription frames sports are allowed, however eyewear with glass, metal, or sharp edges are barred. 
  • Soft foam headgear is allowed per the referee has determined it is not a danger to themselves or other players. 

If a referee has determined a player is wearing articles that are not allowed – the referee shall order the said player to remove them. If the player fails to remove the article – they will not be allowed to return to the match. 

Player Deportment
Shirt must be tucked inside shorts. Shin guards must be firmly in place and covered by socks.

Nonstandard attire, accouterments, and apparel must be cleared prior to the Event with written U.S.S.F. approval. The Referees’ Committee will continue to be the sole arbiter as to what is legal and what is not legal.

The issuance of all red and yellow cards and other matters involving the conduct of a team, its players, coaches or supporters will be recorded and reported immediately to the event directors.

A player receiving two cautions (yellow cards) in a single game is considered to have been given an ejection (red card). A player who has been ejected (sent off) will not be replaced. A player who has been ejected will not return for that game and will not be allowed to participate in the next scheduled game. If this player is found to be participating in the next scheduled game – the team with that player will forfeit the game.

A coach who has been ejected (sent off) will not be allowed to participate in the next scheduled game. Any player or coach ejected (Red Card) from a game shall be ineligible to take part in any further action with the team during that match and suspended for 1 match.

The referee, referee coordinator and event staff/director will assess the ejection and decide upon further suspension. The discretion will be solely down to the event director and referee coordinator.

Assault or abuse by players, coaches, or supporters will result in immediate suspension for the balance of the event.

Coach Presence
The team must have a coach or administrator from within the same club at all scheduled matches in which their teams participate. The coach/administrator must have a valid coaching pass. There must be a coach present throughout the entire match or match will be forfeited by the team without a coach present to a score of 3 – 0. A maximum of 3 coaches are allowed on the team’s sideline. 

If a coach is sent off – the team must replace the coach with another coach/administrator with a valid passcard from the same club within a 5-minute period. With a running clock, if the coach gets ejected and the game time comes to completion before the 5-minute grace period – the result will stand. 

Field Marshals
Field Marshals will be present at all fields. All participants should be aware that the Marshals have the authority and right to remove any unruly or uncivil spectators or coaches from the game field perimeter and/or the field complex area. Anyone found consuming alcohol at any location will be asked to either dispose of the alcohol or to leave the premises.

No protests will be considered.

If you must pull out your team – refunds are as follows:
– After a Team is Accepted: no refunds after a team has been accepted.